Noticias sobre nosotros y el sector

The collaboration with SSR Iberia allows us to deal with singular operations

OP DE BEECK & WORTH Insurance Brokerage, a leading independent company in the sector of mediation on the Costa del Sol market and therefore, with a broad portfolio of foreign investor clients, has been able to successfully complete an Advanced Amount Bond Insurance transaction especially complicated, through SSR IBERIA, the Underwriting Agency specialized in the business of Construction and Property Development.

OP DE BEECK & WORTH aims to provide these clients, advice in contracting insurance, through programs and products designed with the highest levels of demand.

The singularity of this operation is due to the characteristic of being an Advanced Amount Bond Insurance for an high-cost INDIVIDUAL HOUSING, which can become a relatively common circumstance in the operations of this area. However, and given the high capacity available to SSR IBERIA for this type of insurance, the operation has happily culminated after a hard negotiation between all the parties.

It is an isolated detached house, with garden and swimming pool located in Estepona, province of Malaga, whose value to insure amounts to more than 7 million euros. As commented by Danni Worth, Managing Director and Partner of OP DE BEECK & WORTH, “this is a very important operation for both, us and our customers, because it creates a precedent and we are sure that they will produce similar new opportunities soon.”

“From Op de Beeck & WORTH especially, we appreciate the great competitive effort that has been carried by SSR IBERIA, as highlighted partner in this operation that virtually all insurers are not able to carry out both because of the nature and nationality of the Promoter, and because of the characteristics of the buyer of the home. In the end, the overall vision of the operation and of the professional collaboration between OP DE BEECK & WORTH and SSR IBERIA has prevailed”.